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Top Translation office

Top Translation office

The top 5 online translation companies are 2019 reviewed

The global economy is becoming more and more important every year, and companies around the world need professional online translation services to reach new markets. There are many translation sites where comparing different companies to meet your unique needs can be very difficult

What to look for in a top translation company

When searching for a professional online translation company, you need to look for elements with pricing. If you want the best translations on time and on a budget, factors such as service delivery, quality of work, professional translation, professionalism and customer support are all important.

Depending on your needs, each translation service should provide basic translation

services such as:

Localization services of websites, programs and software.
Scientific and technical translations in the fields of science, medical and professional translation.

Industry professional translations such as medical correspondence, legal and commercial translation.

Detailed project management and scheduling

Multi-layer editing and quality assurance ensures that your final translations will be read naturally and free from grammatical errors.

Founded in 2004 by CEO robert Ghabishawi after years of experience, both large and small, and with many problems, the Parsis translation company has been able to hire IT specialists and translators and translators in less than a year. Become an official translation service office in the country, so to date, with almost 15 years of success, we now offer one of the most extensive language translation services in over 120 languages.


Parsis continues to develop user-friendly solutions to help companies connect with their customers around the world.

Languages ​​and services

Parsis has established a network or more than 1500 reputable translators from around the world. Parsis Global Access to over 2,000 language pairs for professional translations in over 12 industries, including:

  • Travel and Tourism
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Software and applications
  • Marketing and Advertisement
  • Business and Corporate Communications
  • Legal translation
  • Medicine and Health
  • Website localization
  • Technical Documentation
  • Personal translations
  • E-commerce and online retailing
  • Financial translations
  • Customer service and project management
  • It has distinguished itself among competitors.

Parsis official translation has developed its reputation as one of the best professional online translation services to work with, and positive customer reviews can prove it. New orders are assigned to a dedicated project manager who will guide you throughout the project, so you don't have to worry about scheduling.

After completing a translation project, your content will be sent to the second team for quality assurance. The team corrects the translated version to ensure its natural understanding and is free of grammar or spelling errors. This means that your translated content will be relevant to your target audience over and over

Arabic translation services

Arabic translation services

arabic translation office

arabic translation office

The Arabic translation service is one of the profetional services in the Senior Department of Arabic Translation. In Iran, the use of specialized Arabic-speaking translators can greatly assist in trading with the Persian Gulf countries.


If you are planning to go to the Gulf, or want to expand your business in the Middle East, we are ready to help you with an official translation. Whether you need an Arabic translator for your legal documents, an Arabic oral translator for your marketing conference or even a full Arabic localization service for your e-commerce site, our translation office has language experts to guide you in globalization Brand helps.


Arabic translation services for the Middle East market

Low taxes, growing industries, and the attractiveness of foreign businesses make the Middle East a viable area for a brand to expand.


Do you decide to invest in Dubai adventurously and more conservatively than Abu Dhabi should you strategize before taking any action?


We translate into every single language and from every single language. This means that if you are looking for Arabic translations into English for legal documents before entering this promising market, we are there. If you need to adapt the marketing strategy you used for your Paris branch and need French translations into Arabic, we are there. And if you need to, click for more French translation services.

We also have a separate English translation department in Arabic if you need to analyze your business plan with English to Arabic translation into the Persian Gulf.

Services of Arabic translation and interpreting solutions

Do you have business or legal documents that require translation from Arabic into English or any other language pair? What about a script, literary piece, college text, or medical journal? Do you need a qualified Arabic translator to perform legal or medical procedures?


At translator, our team of talented translators and native translators are not only expert in Arabic but well trained in your field. From medical clinics to courtrooms, we set the industry standard for excellence. We offer what you need:


Arabic to English translation services, and all authentic Arabic language couples, at amazing times and at no extra cost. Culturally sensitive Arabic interpretation services

Full Arabic translation and localization services

When you enter the dynamic hub for investment, the Middle East has different norms and practices.


Creating personal and trusted relationships plays a big role in networking practices, and verbal commitment is very valuable - even more than legal contracts.



So if you want to expand your business in the Persian Gulf, you don't have to find someone who translates your sales forecast and marketing strategy from English to Arabic. You need a professional Arabic translation company to provide you with an integrated service - including complete completion of your brand, whether it means human resource movie subtitles, or localizing your website for Middle Eastern clients, or packaged translation. , Designs and patents your entire operation

Italian translation services

Italian translation services

italian translation

italian translation


Italian professional translation can only be done by a professional Italian translation office at the Italian translation office We use several Italian translators to translate your specialized texts in any language field from the source language to the target language.


Our Italian translation service covers a wide range of sectors and industries to provide the best opportunity to interact with this exciting and exciting country. Our emphasis on speed and accuracy means that you will be available from the beginning with a knowledgeable and friendly team to advise you during the translation process.

Why choose us?

Our years of experience as a reputable Italian translation agency means that we are ideally placed to provide complete translations of words into one of the most widely used European languages. Whether it is the question of using Italian translations for legal procedures, overseas investments, import agreements or exciting new books you want to launch on the peninsula, we have experienced native translators. We have a wide range of areas that respect our exacting standards. We are very confident in the accuracy of the Italian translation.


There is no formula for translation, and our Italian translation specialists have developed their industry-level skills through extensive training and years of practice. Since we always ensure that our translators translate into their native language, you can rest assured that they produce a translation that stays close to the meaning and elegance of the original text, while fluent in Italian. And it's valid.

We also offer a professional Italian translator and our second translator as the standard for a precise manuscript to make sure you use the best quality.


Since Italian encompasses such a wide range of different accents, we can promise to adapt our translation services to whatever language you require. Whether you are trying to do business in Rome with marketing tools, showcase your pieces to gallery owners in Florence, or plan a Milan Fashion Week, we look after your exact needs.


Professional Italian translators

Our Italian translation service has different needs for each client and will have a full-fledged policy.

. Instead, we meticulously tailor services to the exact needs of direct translation of texts to Italian translations of websites, certificates and public policy documents.


For more complex projects that go beyond our standard Italian professional translations, our team of experts can provide you with services to print translated documents and save you time and money.


As one of the best translation offices around, we also understand that if you want to replicate a successful advertising project in the Italian market, you may need a full Italian official translation service with our word. The exact content localization service we want is what we want to think of as a cultural translation of your ad, website, movie, or brochure,


Translation of the Turkish article


Translation of the Turkish article

Translation of the Turkish article


Translation of the Turkish article

Translation of the Turkish article as a special and valuable service in the new language is provided by the official translator.

Specialized Turkish Translation Articles and Researchers Articles are not a literal translation but in our Turkish translation provided by our translators into Turkish into other languages.

We offer translation services from Turkish to English, English to Turkish specializing in the following areas:

Turkish translation of documents

Turkish Political Translation

Turkish translation of rights

Turkish Book Translation


He is familiar with Turkish language

Turkish is the official language of Turkey, where 63 million people speak it as their mother tongue.

Cyprus recognizes it as an official language and has a minority language in Macedonia, Romania and Kosovo.

There are many Turkish communities outside the region, especially in Canada, the United States, Australia, and other Turkish-speaking countries in Istanbul.

Turkey has the fastest growing economic growth in Eastern Europe. This is a new and growing market, probably because it has just begun the process of industrialization. Almost half of Turkey's population is 30 years of age or younger and has affected young people in other parts of Europe.

About the Turkish language

Turkey's translation service in the Turkish economy has improved greatly over the past decade, bringing its GDP to $ 822.1 billion by 2013.

This has strengthened foreign trade in exports and imports. Turkey exports many products to the United States, including textiles, electronics, industrial machinery and motor vehicles, as well as many agricultural products.

Literally, Turkish is part of the Altai family, especially the Turkish language subgroup. Standard Turkish dialect is based in Istanbul, but there are five groups of Turkish dialects that correspond to different regions of Turkey:

  • Eastern Anatolia
  • Northeast Anatolia
  • Western Anatolia
  • Orta Anadolu
  • Güneydogu

Turkish translation

Turkish is quite different from some languages, especially English. For example, the verb at the end of the sentence is in Turkish. This can make it difficult for speakers of other languages ​​to learn and speak Turkish.

At Istanbul Turkish Parsi Istanbul, our priority is to make sure your Turkish translation is relevant to your specific market and geographic area.

We have Turkish translators who work exclusively with our native dialect, so there is never a problem with terms that are specific to one dialect but are not even used in other terms.

Turkish Online Translation

The Internet is transforming many businesses and changing professional translation services online. Parsis is another Turkish translation company that uses a modern online model to simplify the whole process of language localization from simplifying words and quoting to linguistics, transportation distribution and language analysis.

Manage our cloud translation using the most advanced artificial intelligence to decide on the implementation of an intelligent project for unparalleled productivity, while enabling Turkish linguists to translate with better linguistic accuracy. You can easily register your translation on our site. Just click the link below to start your Turkish translation.

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English translation

English translation

English translation

English translation

As you know English is one of the most used languages ​​in the world after the Chinese language, with most English translations nowadays, many companies and international organizations have recognized the English language priority and increased their demand for English translation. The English translation of the English translation of Parsis is performed by an English translator.

Even if many people are able to speak English, it does not mean that they can claim to be a (good) English translator. Translating from Farsi to English or from English to Farsi and other foreign languages ​​does not just have to be grammatically correct. Sentences also need to be perfectly smooth.

Regular translation from English

Naturally, English translations do not always have to be valid translations. For example, you may have a simple text that you want to translate from English to Farsi, so this might be a site, blog, announcement or even a love letter, for example. We only work with native English-speaking translators who are looking forward to providing you with services.


Instant English translation

You are all familiar with the service, but you can find more information in the immediate English translation section.

Since we may have English translation orders daily, some clients may not have the time or interest to translate the language, so the elite team of Parsis official English translators will deliver the best quality and speed in their service.

Because our English translation team is so large and diverse that we can do your English translation fast and at a very competitive price.

English translation office with 100% satisfaction guarantee

Because we carefully select the English translator based on your document, you are sure of a strictly accurate translation. Since we fully guarantee the accuracy of the translation, if your English translation is not correct, we will be ready to accept the consequences.

If you are not satisfied with your English translation, we will simply refund you!

We have all heard or read phrases such as the Translation Agency, the Translation Agency, the Localization Agency and the Language Service Provider (LSP). Many newcomers are unfamiliar with these services, so this post will help you avoid confusion with terms such as "translation" and "localization" and other terms related to the translation industry.

Although translation and localization have different meanings, the term localization has gained popularity and is sometimes used instead of translation.

Translation agency, localization company or language service provider?

Technically, all the terms in the title above can describe an organization. Language Service Provider (LSP) has become increasingly common in conference lectures because it is a more general term and describes a full-service organization that may do other things than translate. In terms of common usage, the Translation Agency is an older, more traditional term, while the Language Service Provider (LSP) is a more common term for a company or partner that offers a wide range of translation or language services. .

Translation Agency:

A translation agency provides translation services. The term is often used interchangeably with a translation company or localization agency. A translation agency provides translation services and manages translation projects for the client. Some translation agencies may also provide commentators, multilingual desktop publishing (DTP), and other language-related services such as website translation and software translation. (Also referred to as localization agency, language service provider, globalization service provider)

Content Source : دارالترجمه انگلیسی

Hire a translator job

استخدام مترجم

استخدام مترجم

Hire a translator job

Translator Recruitment is defined as the amount of a planned process that the Translator can perform through official Testing of Translator Recruitment in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the process of hiring an interpreter.

Who is the translator?

An interpreter is someone who can translate words and texts from one language to another due to his or her acquired skill in translating. They should consider any cultural sources, idioms, and slang that are literally called translations. Translators should read the original language fluently, but sometimes they may need to speak fluently; translators usually start translating and translating work from home and sometimes from work, where translators are required to comply briefly with as expressed in the following :

1. The translator should be able to translate concepts in the source language into equivalent concepts in the target language

2. The interpreter should be able to plan and schedule their work schedule with the available timeframe of the clients.

3. The translator should be able to present spoken ideas precisely, quickly and clearly Translators have a distinct personality, they tend to be research people, meaning that they are curious, logical, and analytical

What is a translator's job?

Translators usually receive work orders online, sending and receiving orders in this context will be on the Internet.


Since most translators work in addition to the interactive translator, most translators will work full time on alternate hours.

Recruit an official translator and an oral translator

The recruitment and hiring process of the official translator and interpreters is done through the Assessment Translators' Interpretation Test, and each year, according to the news, the exam translator's general knowledge exam materials are provided.


The Director of the Judicial Documents and Translators Affairs Office will also be in charge of this


They are then interviewed after being accepted into the interpreter recruitment exam and then are usually given an internship and some are required to obtain a formal interpreter stamp and obtain a formal letterhead and membership.


It should be noted that translators have the right to choose which translation office to work in after deciding on translation.


With over 15 years of experience in translation, Parsi's official translation service has been able to attract such qualified individuals through a job advertisement and translator recruitment form.

 The overall process of hiring an interpreter


he overall process of hiring an interpreterThe most valuable asset of a translation firm is its staff of experts, a key factor in the success of a training and development company in terms of investment capacity.


Translators work in translation offices at all levels (including specialized translation levels) from translating contracts to translating texts, translators overseeing official translation offices overseeing and analyzing client reporting and data collection activities as a source of the process Provides customer service.

What are the requirements for an interpreter?

Translators must have a basic skill set of full proficiency, such as an English translator who wishes to work in the English translation department must be well versed in the language and common terminology used in countries such as the United States. Standard is set for example in this country the professional foreign language translation skill is expressed by the ILR standard.


Experience an interpreter

The experience of an interpreter includes knowledge focused on a particular area of ??expertise, with the ability to identify real points and abstract concepts of translation activity. He must be a master of valid references, an interpreter must learn new skills, he must be well versed in the software of a computer system such as MS Office, an interpreter must have sufficient computer and Internet skills. Earn and be able to work independently as an expert in cyberspace.


A translator's visa skills

One of the special skills of an interpreter is computer skills, organizational skills, time management skills and initiative. He must have a creative and curious mind to overcome problems by relying on his skill and expertise.


An interpreter must have effective verbal communication skills; he or she must have successfully completed the interpreter exams in any language he / she intends to have. The minimum working experience of an interpreter is usually 3 years because he / she will serve as an expert and skill analyst. And enhance your knowledge.


Different language translators can work in specific departments in the translation department after completing their training and getting certificates, for example Turkish translator in Turkish translator can review orders, German translator in German translator or translator France can be a translator in France, but we do translate the hiring process in all the languages ??we cover.

Before hiring an interpreter, it's not bad to read:

  Naturally, to become a professional translator you need to be fluent in at least two foreign languages, in addition to your native language.


Becoming a professional translator requires a great deal of skill because the translator needs to be intelligent, mentally curious, and open.


Introduction to the translation industry

The translation services industry is a huge industry in the world today, it has never been affected by sanctions and records, and it is expected that translation services will grow day by day, according to global statistics.


Global translation industry revenue in 2017 reached $ 43.08 billion and is expected to reach $ 47.46 billion by 2021.


These statistics show that employment and employment in the translation profession are very important factors.


In the United States alone, there are more than 3,000 LSPs or Layered Service Providers operating continuously, with more than 55,000 industry jobs as translators, translators, and other related businesses.

 Countries with the most active LSPs including the United States, United Kingdom, France, China, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Sweden, Iran, Czech Republic, Russia, Turkey, Hindu are some of the priority countries.


Market competition in translation

The market for translation is very fierce, as is true for translators.


If you speak a native language as an interpreter and are always interested in other languages, you may want to become an interpreter.


The translation work is very interesting. Because in addition to monetary benefits, translation helps you understand other people, communication in other people's languages ??will be fun.


Just like any professional, the path to becoming an interpreter is not easy, dedication and perseverance and a genuine love of language takes a long time to make you a professional translator. 

Content Source : استخدام مترجم


English translation office

English translation office

English translation office

English translation office

At our English translation agency, we match your project with translators whose background is relevant to your area of business so that you can benefit from the expertise of someone who can not only translate the language, but who also knows your industry. For example, a translator who works in the legal field has a familiarity with legal documents and can recognize subtleties that an outside translator may not identify. Our English translators possess at least five years of experience fields as diverse as advertising, marketing, health care, and law, and are highly familiar with many of the documents used in those industries. This way, our clients can expect solid, reliable professional document translation services every time.

English translation services are also available in connection with our services for multimedia projects. We provide translation, subtitling, transcription, as well as voice talent services. Contact us to discuss the specific details regarding your media project.

In Good Company

When it comes to translation services in English, as well as other languages, we have a portfolio full of proven success. We perform translation work for government agencies, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and Fortune 500 companies. Our reputation as a provider of accurate translation work is our best advertisement. We are proud to say we have been providing language services to organizations for three decades and counting.

A Dedicated Management Team

Our English translation agency is known for the efficient management of all its translation projects. We have a quality management system that ensures our English translations meet the individual needs of our clients. When completing a professional document translation in English or any other language, we strive to deliver quality work in a prompt fashion, understanding that organizations and agencies have project deadlines that they need to meet.

source: دارالترجمه انگلیسی