Web site Translation

WebSite Translation

Web site Translation

Web site Translation
Not all online translation websites are equal. Some translate your spoken words into text, translate that text into another language, and then eventually translate into another language. Others are less detailed and better suited for simple word-for-word translation or website translation.

Google offers an online translator website called Google Translate. This search giant translates text that can translate documents or entire pages of the site

Google Translate is great when it comes to translating single words or phrases because it is both highly accurate and capable of performing an audio file translation, and it also works surprisingly well. Just type in and you’ll see this translation on the right

One of the best features of Google Translate is its ability to capture whatever text you give it and determine exactly what language it is in and then convert it immediately into a language it can translate. If you do not know the source language, do not worry about the following as soon as you throw the words in the box to the left, at the end the word will tell you the name of the language.

English site translation

Translating the site is easy with online translation software like Google Transylite but there are many sites that have specialized texts so using smart translator software is a very risky job here. You have the site We provide these services at the English Department of Specialized Translation

Turkish site translation

Turkish Language Sites Of course we also mean sites that are Turkish language Istanbul sometimes we need a specialized site to translate from Turkish to English or translate Turkish to Persian. We at Turkish Translation office will do this for you.

Yandex Translate

A translator is an absolute site. This online software is powered by the Yandex Russian search engine and translates across many languages, works very fast, looks great and doesn’t just stop at regular text translations. Use it to translate websites and even to translate images.

This translation website is actually useful for one-time search, but also very useful for learning a new language. When translating a website, place the external page right next to one of your languages ​​so you can learn what words have been translated, and even clicks on the site to continue translations.

Here are some other features you have gained with Yandex Translate:

Offer bad fixes.
Supports text input up to 10,000 characters.
Switch between two languages ​​with one button.
Like Google Translate, Reverso automatically translates between languages ​​and supports several other common languages.

Site Translation Using Reverso

The remarkable thing about Reverso translation is the translation text it offers. Once the translation is done, just below the translated text, you will find a box of a few more examples of how this translation might look if the input text were different.

For example, the translation “My name is Mary” in French gives the regular answer to Mon nom est Mary, but you can also see translations for “My name is Mary Cooper and I live here” and “Hello My name is Mary, I’ll be with you until today.

Site translation by BING

Like some other translation sites, Bing Microsoft Translator offers an automatic identification feature for situations where you cannot guess the language you need to translate. What makes this translator website different is its simplicity: there is nothing on the page but it still works great.

Here are some other notable features:

The input textbox accepts a maximum of 5000 characters.
User interface is easy and user friendly
Sharing the translation or copying it to the clipboard is easy.
You can switch between two languages ​​with one button.
Works through Bing Search.

This source : ترجمه سایت

content generation

Where is the first place you go for expert advice or an answer to a burning question? My guess is Google (or your preferred search engine). You’re not alone — Google alone answers over four billion search queries everyday.

When you enter a question into the search bar, those links that appear in your search results are content. Whether you know it or not, you consume content on a daily basis.

Content generation is a system, not a goal, meaning that there is a strategy in content production so this strategy Create content production system.

 Content Generation in English

Content production for sites or blogs, and especially social networks in languages ​​other than Farsi, including English, should only be performed by professional and professional translators.

We at the English translation team are able to translate your written content from any language into English and vice versa. If you are familiar with the concepts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization for Google or other search engines) you will know how to produce content in foreign languages ​​in Increasing your site's traffic and popularity will have a direct impact.

Content production

Content production

Generate social network content

Nowadays, social media is also the key to content creation strategy. Many people start producing content in Social network and news instead of creating an internet site. Instagram is a new skill that requires special skill in generating news.

Advertising, uploading content, audio podcasts will all be a type of skill and skill in producing content on social networks.

the source :تولید محتوا

Book translation

Translation of books is done by specific translators, books may be fictional or non-fiction, fiction books may have been taken from non-justified sources but books have their information in the form of reference books, dictionaries, manuals. It will also provide textbooks and academic books.

ترجمه کتاب

ترجمه کتاب

Only professional translators understand the source language well and good writers in the target language are selected to translate the book.

The translator of the book must have sufficient information on the subject matter of the text, a translator being culturally unique in the process of translating the book so that he or she must have a good understanding of the relevant issues in order to have a good interpretation of the target language.

It is interesting to know that translators of the book must also be in the target language as the author of the book.

In the process of translating the book, not only must the original meaning of the terms and grammatical conventions of the book be understood, but it must also be precise so that a translation can be made without error.

The book’s translation expertise requires a great deal of knowledge because it involves transferring information from one language to another with accurate translation skills without mistake.

Book Translation Price

The cost of translating a book are quite different from other translations, such as text translation, legal translation, or student translations, for accurate translation of the book The exact rate is calculated based on the volume and subject of the text.

Translators need to read the whole book and understand its implications, which will create a close link between the author and the translator.

Some of our translators are all college-educated native speakers, meaning their language is your target language.

How is the translation of the book?

The translation of the book should be such that the particular audience enjoys reading it, the books themselves being the product of the day, translating the book into another language will increase the understanding of finding a new reader.

History of Book Translators

Book translators have always translated articles from their native language, such as English into European, Asian, and South American languages.

There is always the notion that why you should limit your audience to a specific audience, when your voice is heard all over the world today, is that if you have books, novels, magazines, or any writing that your particular audience is interested in. Study whether the use of translation services is not rational.

Books are always good sources of knowledge and entertainment, so there is no obstacle that people around the world cannot benefit from.

The translation of the book allows the pages of the book to enter a new world of diverse emotions.

It is always the motto that translates a book into another language is a great commitment

So, if done correctly, the sense of accomplishment comes from trying, so if translated into another language and published, there is actually a potential market overseas.

Usually people need to translate a book to understand their target market well, you may want to reach a specific target market because of the money available or you want to spread a widespread message to the general public, so it is imperative that Start translating well Your motivation for translating books is clear.

source : ترجمه کتاب

German Translation Agency

German Translation Office

German Translation Office

German Translation Agency

As a German translation agency, we are specialists in German language and culture. Translation Agency Perfect has its own German translators. They have years of experience in translation and a strong affinity for German culture. Organisations aiming to reach a German target group or to conquer the German market will need a proper partner to do so. Translation Agency Perfect is the ideal partner for such a venture. Simply translating a text from one language to the next is insufficient to win over a German audience. In our experience, translating a text to German usually means completely rewriting said text to fit the target group.

German translations, done by a German translation agency

If you want to be absolutely certain that your text is not simply translated into German, but also best fits your German target group, our German translation agency will be able to provide you with exactly the right text. We can offer our clients high-quality translations because we work solely with experienced and trained translators who are native speakers of German (Translation Agency Perfect is both ISO9001:2008 and NEN-EN-15038 certified). Each translation is also thoroughly checked by an experienced German revisor. We consistently adhere to the ISO and NEN quality standards, and we have many different references, including large organisations like Zalando, Imtech and MoneYou.


A proper German translation

German has around 105 million native speakers and, as such, it is the biggest language in the European Union and the second biggest language in Europe after Russian. Germany is also one of the most populous countries in Europe, and the German market is ripe with business opportunities, provided organisations approach the German market appropriately. Breaking the language barrier is only the beginning.

  Translate source :  ترجمه آلمانی


Japanese book translation

Japanese book translation

If you own a small business that has a marketing job to yourself, translating a book is a great way for you to increase sales and reach new readers around the world, but if you're not fluent in another language, you may end up translating, localizing and Editing your book for international audiences Face the challenges.

Learn the best ways to tackle these obstacles and other useful tips in our comprehensive guide to how to translate a book:

  • First, set your ultimate goal. Someone who shoots a soccer ball to a goal. Think about why you want to translate your book into another language. Translating a book takes time, money and effort. Before starting this difficult task, determine the goal you want to achieve from the translation of the book and why a particular language would benefit you.Tip: If your book is published in English, you may want to consider some intact foreign markets for publishers such as Indonesia, India, China, Turkey, South Korea and Japan. Determine the target market

    japanese book translation

    japanese book translation

People in the library smiling.

After researching the new language you want to target, research and address the bureaucracy, censorship, and other issues you may encounter when publishing your book in those countries. Important: If you do not speak your target market language, you can use a professional translator or translation service to get help.

Consider using machine translation Someone who uses a mobile translation app. Given your budget, customers can say that if your book is non-fiction, an automated translation service like Microsoft Translator might be a cost-effective option for translating common words and phrases. But while machine translation can take care of a decent amount of your text, you need a professional translator for parts that can't understand. Therefore, the end product should also be edited for consistency and accuracy by a specialist — or at least a native speaker. Be careful: machine translation is not a good solution for a story because it lacks common expressions and sometimes uses invented language. Hire a professional translation service

Hiring a professional translator who understands your target market culture is the best way to ensure that your book is translated correctly. They can match the tone, message and structure without losing the essence of the original piece. They also localize the text to ensure that you do not ignore the subtle cultural differences and avoid embarrassing translation errors.

This is an excerpt from the book's specialized translation service site

What is a certified translation?


Certified Translation

Certified Translation

certified translation (also known as official translation) is the translation of an official document, such as the official translation of the birth certificate or the official translation of the national card, which is strictly accurate and is authorized to be transmitted to a wide range of legal organs.

Official translation of qualifications

Translation of documents can also be done by touch, including official translation of diplomas, official translation of bachelors and other documents that will be done depending on the requirements of the clients.


Reliable service

If you need to translate official documents such as the official translation of the marriage document and the official translation of the encyclopedia for the acceptance process, the standard translation process will probably not be sufficient.

Translated formal documentation often requires a formalized formal stamp that confirms both the translator's competence and the accuracy of the translation. This is where a valid translation is linked.

As an official translator, today, translation is authorized to provide high quality, reliable translation services and is recognized worldwide.

Your verified translation will be properly printed and a unique reference number will be assigned for immediate identification. We also appreciate that time can be an important factor and that we can provide the service shortly if necessary.

Time factor in official translation

One of our clients has already asked us the following questions
I have a document containing about 10,000 French words that I need to translate into English. How long does it take? thank you in advance
10,000 French words to English typically takes about 2 business days for a professional translator to translate only. It also took some time to review and correct

In general, the length of time required to translate a document varies depending on many factors, in this short article we will summarize some of the most important things to be aware of.

Daily translation of 3000 words

An experienced translator can translate about 3,000 words of text daily from the source language to the target language.

The "source" language means the original language in which the document is written, and the "target" language is the language you wish to translate. For example, if you need French translations into English, French will be the primary language and English the target language.

If you need a French translation we can do it for you just by going to the link below
Services French Translation office

So, to know how long it will take for a single translator to translate your document, simply divide the number of words in your document into 3,000 and have the number of days it takes.

Of course, this is an unpleasant magnification operation because there are many ways to speed up the work that there is document sharing between teams of translators who all use special software to adapt the style using tools Do other software to make the process more efficient.

Repetitions increase speed

Many texts contain duplicates that do not need to be re-translated after translation and thus speed up their translation. Websites are a good example of which sections of text such as headers and headers are repeated on each page.

We use proprietary software to identify these duplicates and reduce our costs for you.

See the links below for more information on the French translation

Online Translation

Top Translation office

Top Translation office

The top 5 online translation companies are 2019 reviewed

The global economy is becoming more and more important every year, and companies around the world need professional online translation services to reach new markets. There are many translation sites where comparing different companies to meet your unique needs can be very difficult

What to look for in a top translation company

When searching for a professional online translation company, you need to look for elements with pricing. If you want the best translations on time and on a budget, factors such as service delivery, quality of work, professional translation, professionalism and customer support are all important.

Depending on your needs, each translation service should provide basic translation

services such as:

Localization services of websites, programs and software.
Scientific and technical translations in the fields of science, medical and professional translation.

Industry professional translations such as medical correspondence, legal and commercial translation.

Detailed project management and scheduling

Multi-layer editing and quality assurance ensures that your final translations will be read naturally and free from grammatical errors.

Founded in 2004 by CEO robert Ghabishawi after years of experience, both large and small, and with many problems, the Parsis translation company has been able to hire IT specialists and translators and translators in less than a year. Become an official translation service office in the country, so to date, with almost 15 years of success, we now offer one of the most extensive language translation services in over 120 languages.


Parsis continues to develop user-friendly solutions to help companies connect with their customers around the world.

Languages ​​and services

Parsis has established a network or more than 1500 reputable translators from around the world. Parsis Global Access to over 2,000 language pairs for professional translations in over 12 industries, including:

  • Travel and Tourism
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Software and applications
  • Marketing and Advertisement
  • Business and Corporate Communications
  • Legal translation
  • Medicine and Health
  • Website localization
  • Technical Documentation
  • Personal translations
  • E-commerce and online retailing
  • Financial translations
  • Customer service and project management
  • It has distinguished itself among competitors.

Parsis official translation has developed its reputation as one of the best professional online translation services to work with, and positive customer reviews can prove it. New orders are assigned to a dedicated project manager who will guide you throughout the project, so you don't have to worry about scheduling.

After completing a translation project, your content will be sent to the second team for quality assurance. The team corrects the translated version to ensure its natural understanding and is free of grammar or spelling errors. This means that your translated content will be relevant to your target audience over and over