Translating a birth certificate

Certificate translation services are included in the official translations section, which is done by the sworn translator of that language, so if you need an official translation of your birth certificate or documents, as well as your documents in any language, we will provide these services for you.

We officially cover more than 60 languages, so we are able to process your IDs completely legally with embassy approvals in the shortest possible time.

How are Identity translation services performed?

The translation of the birth certificate is the same as the official translation done by the official translator. For example, if you want to officially translate your birth certificate into English, you must find the official English translator. We use the official English translator in  translation office.

Official translation services have a permanent guarantee, so this is why all official translations are flawless, because due to the importance of the project, the translator must do a very professional and accurate work.

 Why should we translate the ID card?

 Translating a birth certificate is important. You may want to submit your documents to a specific institution in the destination country in order to stay in a country or study, so according to the law of the countries, the documents that are submitted must be approved by the applicant. In another language, you need an official translation of your ID to become official and legal

Of course, in the meantime, all the details related to the name and surname and every detail that is included in your identity card, especially the first page, . Confirms and then the translation becomes legal is one of the most well-known companies for translating your documents, because it has been offering affordable prices for accurate and legal translations for about 15 years.

ID Card

ID Card

How to translate ID?

You can translate your documents remotely. If you are in another city and you are not able to visit our office in person, please apply online through the site in the  registration section, so our experts will give you the exact time and cost. They will announce the exact details. Then you can start your translation if you need it and the initial agreements. It is worth mentioning that after the translation agreement, it will be delivered exactly on time.

It should be noted that the permitted extensions for scanning ID card documents can be done via pdf, jpeg or both.

Professional translators will then review the document and explain to you the exact cost of translating the birth certificate.

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Importance of German translation of the site

Translation for the site may be done for various reasons for the audience and visitors. This translation may be in any language. In this section, we will introduce the importance of German translation for a website, so reading this article is not bad.


Website translation and SEO

Today, every business and company needs a website and SEO services. Ensuring proper translation of your site is essential for your audience and a special place in search engines to access it is essential for many visitors.

For this reason, commercial or corporate sites also need SEO services

German translation of the site

German translation of the site

Why do you need to translate the site?

 Site translation services are one of the most important factors in optimizing sites. Today, many service and business sites can somehow request the translation of content production to reach international markets so that they can communicate closely with real audiences.

On the other hand, from the point of view of the best search engine, including Google, this is an important factor and beauty, so site administrators are always looking for specialized translations of site content.

Can Google Translate be used to translate a site?

If we just want to present an issue in another language, specifically for an international audience, yes, but search engines are smart. Suppose you are using Google Translation Services and you want your content to be translated from Google. In other words, Google's robots are quite intelligent and know that this translation is related to the same software translation data, so they don't rate you in terms of SEO, so what's the solution?

Use human translators in site translation

The main solution for Google translation services or other search engines such as Bing, Yandex, etc. is to use native language and human translators who do not use translation software at all.

Unfortunately, today, some sites with advertising slogans try to attract customers to the site in different languages ​​so that they can provide low quality translation by the software.

The best way to ensure that this software is used by sites is to ask them to translate a part of the site for free, for example, . so it helps you figure out which site has been successful in providing German translation services.

Persian to German translation service site

If you have a successful website and are looking to translate your texts and content into German or from German into any language, be sure to use a human translator who is not affiliated with translation software. It is clear that if you need to translate the site into German, our German translation agency will be able to provide specialized services in this language in accordance with the principles of SEO.

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French grammar book

An effective and very important method in learning French today is to use a grammar book. These books are written in such a way that they are suitable for learning a foreign language and can be used at any level, but we have 5 books in this part of the article. We will introduce the best French grammar books in 2020, so join us

There are many books on foreign language grammar in online bookstore markets today, but some books are more efficient than others, so a good choice is always the criterion.

We have reviewed a wide range of French grammar books, but in this section we will introduce only 5 examples of the most important ones.

French Grammar

French Grammar

Le Bon Usage

The book was first published in 1936. More than 10 reprints have been made in the French Comprehensive Dictionary, and this is one of the best books for French translators. This book is suitable for people who want to translate into French. Learning the native language of this book highlights the most important aspects of grammar

 Intermediate French for Dummies

This book is a workbook for beginners and intermediate learners. This includes a treasure trove of lessons and practice in French.

The book is a multilingual grammar that offers specific French words and phrases in English.

Révision de Grammaire

The book is also intended as a multilingual vocabulary book that includes French descriptions and highly specialized examples and exercises.

Collage is one of the most widely used and anticipated programs for medieval France. Like previous versions, the collage is a component program and includes a grammar review (collage: Révision de grammaire), a cultural reader (collage: Variétés kulturlles, and a literature reader) (collage: Lectures littéraires), and a synchronization program. . It is provided with them. According to the contents, all 3 books are done chapter by chapter. The result is a very flexible program that can be used in any combination and can be easily adapted to a wide range of trainers and courses. The fifth edition of this collage continues to introduce students to Francophone countries and cultures in all its components.

 Langenscheidt Pocket French Grammar 

The book also provides a very brief yet detailed explanation as a good source for French grammar from Elementary level to middle level.

This book has sections with effective communication, synonyms, terms and other publications. This is a small book full of concise and specialized terms.

An essential book in French grammar

It is also a small book with an emphasis on communication and specialized French grammar

This book is a special French grammar for adults with limited learning time, so it is designed for people who want to acquire everyday knowledge in France and want to use it as a regular translation.

This book uses all the important points in the French grammar, including active forms and movements, specialized sentences and usable words.

The book is in multilingual grammar and is published in a separate section in English

Source : دارالترجمه فرانسه

Familiarity with the translation agency

You may not be familiar with the word translation and you do not know exactly what the translation agency is doing in each country.

But you will definitely need translation services now. Everyone is curious throughout their lives to know how they can translate a word into another language without regard to the specialized expression of the history of translation in the world. Please read this article

The activities of translation agency vary from country to country, and translation agencies are places where translators can work in person.

Translation agency

Translation agency

What is the main job of translation agencies?

Translation agencies and institutions operating in each country are a new development in the promotion of all living languages ​​in the world.



But when several translators come together to translate a language into the target language, the agency is considered a dynamic place for translation.

For example, for English translation, institutions that provide English translation services operate under the name of the English Translation Agency. Some are formal and some are informal.
There are other translations, including German translation, which you can use to translate from German to the target language using German translators

Professional and quality translation in translation institutions

There are some translation agencies that are able to translate a large portion of the world’s living languages, so they use a variety of translators in the workplace in person.

For many Translation agencies, specialized and professional translations are done in several important steps. This is done by professional translators who have years of experience, trial and error in translation.

Specialized translations are not just about typing words into the target language, specialized translations are done by translators in a professional translation service.

The quality of professional translations in translation agencies

The quality and review of specialized translations is very time consuming and difficult.

Usually the translator alone cannot be the person reviewing the editing, so often this is not done by the person due to time constraints.

The editor checks for translation errors, and in the event of an error, the original texts and articles related to the errors and specialized terms in the translation will be provided to the facilitator.

This is one of the most important principles of a formal translation agency, so the value of translations is higher than cheap translations.

Online translation office

Online translation agencies or official online translation agencies offer their presence on the Internet. By creating a site, they can provide customers with all their face-to-face services in the form of a site, so this has made users happy because of the ease of use.

Choose the best translation agency

Now that we are familiar with the concept of translation agency, it’s time to choose the best translation agency to provide language translation services.

You may still have questions beforehand

Where is the nearest translation center to you?

Where is the cheapest translation agency?

What is the best and most specialized translation agency in the target language?

These three questions limit your choice, so choosing the best agency for your translation should match your specialized translations.

In any case, all online translation sites have their place, but sometimes many of them may offer the best services on one site, so in terms of audience, the translation agency is the best service on a site.

The translations made in these institutions can all be formal and specialized, where official translations will belong to the translation of documents, and specialized translations will be given to scientific and specialized fields, including various articles and books.

In specialized translation of books and articles, specialized translators work in translation agencies, so in various fields such as:

General translation

Technical translation

Financial translation

Legal translation

Medical translation

And other fields are active

Sources of this article : دارالترجمه رسمی

How to hire a professional translator


If you want to globalize your business and help people who need to immigrate or translate their documents, you should look for hiring professional translators at your institution who have a long history in this field.

Hire the best Translators

Hire the best Translators

Why do we need a translator?

Sometimes people think that they can translate their texts normally and save more money to make their situation easier, but it should be noted that your skills may not be at the level of a professional translator.

So, in some cases, for example, when some terms are completely specialized, only specialized translators can translate them.

Others think that using translation software like Google Translate  can lead to successful translation. It is very easy to succeed in this endeavor, because we have heard many times that translation software is by no means suitable for accurate and specialized translation. Car translation software is by no means suitable for translating documents and texts.


Therefore, you need an official translator to translate the documents, and you need a professional translator to translate professionally.

Here are five key pointers in moving forward with your career.

  1. A professional translator does not translate one word for another

Word-for-word translation by translation memory improves human translator error. In this case, there is no doubt, but most translation software translates word for word, so there will be many errors, which may lead to damage to the specialized concept.


Some translators use the Cat tool in their translations to use an error to improve performance and translation speed.

  1. How successful is the native translator?

Before hiring a native translator, we need to make sure that the professional translator cares about the native culture in his or her translation, so he or she should be very skilled in the target language and pay special attention to using the target audience's culture.

 3.Don't just think about the price of translation services

Everyone decides to receive different services based on a specific budget, but your decision should not be based on price, because it is not wise to be cheap.

Those who provide you with specialized and professional translation and provide you with a sufficient guarantee for translation can be assured of their professional translation services, although they may have a higher price due to their capabilities. 


4 - To translate, be sure to search for the validity of the translator

If you want to get to know a professional translator better before hiring them, you need to check their credibility and experience in translating texts.

You may want to work with them again, so sometimes translators can act as professional translators at conferences at the same time, or translating their written texts can be very professional, so understand the difference between the two.

You may want to change the translator in the translation process, so it's best to use a translation agency.

  1. Also check the support and warranty of the translation

Many professional translators provide you with a translation guarantee when providing services, so be careful.

For example, ask what the translation warranty looks like.

7 examples of translation tools

Translating a language by a human translator is almost difficult, but sometimes using machine translation tools can have a huge impact on the speed of translators and users.

The age of technology and the digital revolution has made artificial intelligence a viable place to translate and minimize translation error, although it should be borne in mind that in specialized translations we cannot fully trust machine translation.

Here is a complete list of 7 examples of authentic translation and learning tools so stay with us


Babylon Software

With the Babylon Language Translation and Learning Tool you can translate over 30 languages, Babylon Translation Software is a good text translation software but it does not do any extra work and cannot become a software that Everyone found it useful


It is interesting to know that this tool was very popular before the release of Google Translate software, so it will be an outdated translation tool so that we can use the online translation tool for text messages and comments. Translates about 14 languages ​​and translates 300 words at a time.


 The linguee site will be a very reputable site and unique translation tool along with a dictionary, so you can translate texts and phrases bilingually to provide meaning and textual translation in the target language.

This site is also available on ios and android versions and users will be able to take full advantage of these two mobile platforms.

SDL Trados

SDL Trados software is the most recommended online translation tool by translators. It is one of the successful software for translating and editing text which is very important for native translation services.

Many translation agencies require translators who are familiar with one of the machine translation tools, including SDL, to translate and modify words more quickly and that translators can translate in less time.

It should be noted that to make full use of all SDL Trados software tools you can try it for 30 days first.

The Free Dictionary

This site, also known as a comprehensive comprehensive culture, gives you access to all the specialized vocabulary and terminology in a variety of areas including medical, legal, financial in various languages ​​including English, German, French, Portuguese and Japanese. Gives. This site is constantly updating and adding features.

Introducing various examples of English grammar on this site as well as numerous articles can help in translating English.


If you are looking to engage with translators or translation agencies and like to interact, the Proz site is a great portal for requesting your translation

The PROZ Translators Portal is a translation service that provides translators, dictionaries and tutorials, so you can access special discounts on translation so you can communicate directly with the translators on this site Discuss.


MemoQ is a translation software for translators This software helps translators a lot, this translation software will improve the quality, verification and reliability of a translated content.

The new version of MemoQ translation software has high speed and accurate word analysis that translators can use to their full potential if needed in the 45-day version.

Translation of Article

Translation of Article

Translation of Article

Translation of Article

In the process of translating articles, we employ our translators, both inside and outside of Iran, to translate articles in different scientific fields. For example, we hire an English translator who is a member of the Parsis English Translation Center to translate English Articles.

Reviewing Translations of Articles

Every translation delivered to clients, whether translation of documents or articles, need to be reviewed and revised, if necessary. Most of the translation centers ask for extra charges for reviewing but Parsis Translation Center does not and offers this service for free.

Reviewing a translation is not only limited to examining the written texts rather it can include revision of translations of audio files or even video files. For example, translation of audio files must be carried out meticulously due to their delicacy and reviewing translation of books is no exception from this rule.

If a general review is needed, we need to examine the exact details of the intended article and send the report to the author or the person requesting translation of the article.

For example, it is necessary to mention these details in translating articles: name of publisher, date of publication, ISBN, etc.

Format of Article’s Translation

We offer the English articles in Microsoft Word format to provide the opportunity of quick revision and review in case of any potential problems.

How Are the Articles Translated?

In the process of translating articles, it should be noted that the whole article is translated, including title, introduction, explanations, and references. If there are specific explanations in repeated revisions, they will be presented as important parameters in tables in the article (if needed).

We pay particular attention to the fact that some words in the articles might follow a certain format, have a specific font, and be bold or italic. We ensure you that this format is absolutely maintained.

Style of Articles’ Translation

Machine translation of any kind is not allowed in our translation center. We recommend that you also do not use this type of translation if you intend to have a precise and attractive translation of your article.

The names mentioned in the articles are very important. There are specific personal names in all languages, some of which are rooted in the culture of a particular speakers of the language.

According to the National Academy of Sciences, almost all names have meanings. People choose names after learning their meanings. Therefore, some names need to be explained in the translation of some literary articles.

Specific names of people are not translated; for example, names of people such as Ali, Hassan or Hossein are not translated, and only the names of companies and organizations can be translated. If you intend to translate names of company or organization, you can ask a translation center.

With the help of translators, we are able to provide reliable translations. We are able to present accurate and reliable translations to our clients with the help of professional translators.

What are the services of article’s translation?

Translation of articles in different fields is regarded as specialized translation and is carried out only by specialized translators. Our translators are able to translate your articles which are in specialized fields.

How long does it take to translate an article?

Articles are usually translated within 1 to 3 days depending on the volume and difficulty level. The minimum number of words translated per day is about 1200 words.

How is the cost of article’s translation calculated?

Specialized articles are translated only by human translators and will not be measured or priced by machines or software; therefore, the cost and delivery time of the projects will be announced to the applicants by the translator in the shortest possible time.

To what languages can the article be translated?

At Parsis specialist team, we are able to provide translation services in all significant and known languages of the world.

Translating the Reference Section of Articles
Reference is always regarded as an important part of articles. This section will be carefully reviewed by the translator.
To ensure the integrity of articles such as an English Article, we use standard terms and jargon in all sections and maintain the consistency.
Thanks to our translators, we are able to provide reliable translations.