English translation

English translation

English translation

English translation

As you know English is one of the most used languages ​​in the world after the Chinese language, with most English translations nowadays, many companies and international organizations have recognized the English language priority and increased their demand for English translation. The English translation of the English translation of Parsis is performed by an English translator.

Even if many people are able to speak English, it does not mean that they can claim to be a (good) English translator. Translating from Farsi to English or from English to Farsi and other foreign languages ​​does not just have to be grammatically correct. Sentences also need to be perfectly smooth.

Regular translation from English

Naturally, English translations do not always have to be valid translations. For example, you may have a simple text that you want to translate from English to Farsi, so this might be a site, blog, announcement or even a love letter, for example. We only work with native English-speaking translators who are looking forward to providing you with services.


Instant English translation

You are all familiar with the service, but you can find more information in the immediate English translation section.

Since we may have English translation orders daily, some clients may not have the time or interest to translate the language, so the elite team of Parsis official English translators will deliver the best quality and speed in their service.

Because our English translation team is so large and diverse that we can do your English translation fast and at a very competitive price.

English translation office with 100% satisfaction guarantee

Because we carefully select the English translator based on your document, you are sure of a strictly accurate translation. Since we fully guarantee the accuracy of the translation, if your English translation is not correct, we will be ready to accept the consequences.

If you are not satisfied with your English translation, we will simply refund you!

We have all heard or read phrases such as the Translation Agency, the Translation Agency, the Localization Agency and the Language Service Provider (LSP). Many newcomers are unfamiliar with these services, so this post will help you avoid confusion with terms such as "translation" and "localization" and other terms related to the translation industry.

Although translation and localization have different meanings, the term localization has gained popularity and is sometimes used instead of translation.

Translation agency, localization company or language service provider?

Technically, all the terms in the title above can describe an organization. Language Service Provider (LSP) has become increasingly common in conference lectures because it is a more general term and describes a full-service organization that may do other things than translate. In terms of common usage, the Translation Agency is an older, more traditional term, while the Language Service Provider (LSP) is a more common term for a company or partner that offers a wide range of translation or language services. .

Translation Agency:

A translation agency provides translation services. The term is often used interchangeably with a translation company or localization agency. A translation agency provides translation services and manages translation projects for the client. Some translation agencies may also provide commentators, multilingual desktop publishing (DTP), and other language-related services such as website translation and software translation. (Also referred to as localization agency, language service provider, globalization service provider)

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